Who are we?

PolyGryph is a game development studio that just cares about making fun games and improving on our ability to make fun games. No genre or platform is off limits.

Thomas Griffin - Founder, Game Design, Programming

Thomas Griffin is an Ex-Chef turned game developer that was kind of already a game developer before. He did game design and programming for Aethos Games, a flash game development studio that developed games like Qoosh and the [Visible] and Revert to Growth series. Platformers are his favorite types of games.

He has 13 types of tea and 3 types of coffee in his cupboard right now, and can't answer what his favorite kind of food is. It's all kinds.

Gustopher "Spud" Griffin - Good Boy

Gus joined the team on October 22, 2018. He likes to watch games on the couch while snuggled up in his Zelda blanket. He is a very good boy.

His interests include going on walks, playing with his toys, and attempting to eat carpet fluff.

He also loves potatoes in any form and will jump for joy in hopes of obtaining them. Carrots, on the other hand, are a source of confusion for Gus. He likes to rub against them, but will not eat them under any circumstances.


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