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Note to content creators:

Thank you for streaming/let's playing/reviewing/writing about our game! We appreciate your support and we wish to do the same for you. That's why, from now until the end of time, you have our permission to monetize content utilizing gameplay footage/screenshots of any PolyGryph game.

If you would like a free press/review copy of Nice Shot!, shoot us an email at with a link to your channel or website, and a bit of information regarding subscribers/followers/active users/etc. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a free press copy.

A Brief History

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Developer Factsheet:

In February 2018, Thomas (founder) was watching some stream clips on YouTube by internet comedians and streamers named Loading Ready Run, when he stumbled upon an episode of their Watch & Play stream (a stream where Graham Stark and Alex Steacy play games that are not considered to be of the best quality) in which they played a game where there really wasn't anything to do. So, trying to make his own fun, Alex started shooting things at random. This didn't accomplish much-- until the barrel.

Most of the objects in the game didn't react to the bullets. Most barrels in the game didn't react to bullets; but this barrel was special. When Alex shot at this particular barrel, it just went. Finally finding something interesting to do in this otherwise boring game, he just ran after this barrel shooting it. After shooting it around for a while, Alex said, "You know, all this needs is a hole to shoot it into and you've got a game!". 

That was how Nice Shot! was born.


Do you like golfing? Do you like shooting guns? How about both?


Nice Shot! is an FPS golf game-- no, really. In Nice Shot!, you went out for a nice day on the golf course, but you accidentally packed your guns instead of your clubs. Might as well make the most of such a common mistake!

The gameplay in Nice Shot! is an interesting blend of FPS, golf, and billiards to some degree. The angle that you shoot the ball influences the direction and the loft, and with the ability to shoot the ball instead of hit it with the club allows you to either play it as a "traditional" golf game, or do really cool stuff like juggle the ball in midair or hit it into the hole while it's against the wall. You can even get the ball in the hole without taking a single step! The sky is the limit with Nice Shot!, and your play style can be as bland or as wild as you like. 

Nice Shot! has 4 full 18-hole courses of varying difficulties for use in single-player (and multiplayer upon the full public release of the game). The 4th course released as a new content update on October 25, 2020.

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Based in Denver, CO

Founding Date:

January 10, 2018


Press/Business Contact:





Nice Shot

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Trailer - September 22, 2018

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Game and Studio Logos and Icons  -  Download all logos and icons as a .zip


Awards and Recognition

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85% Positive rating on Steam

Selected Articles

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